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International Prize in memory of Teresa Pomodoro


International Prize in memory of Teresa Pomodoro

The association NO'HMA and the Comune di Milano, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic and with the participation of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, are promoting the XIV Edition of the International Prize "The Naked Theatre of Teresa Pomodoro."

The prize is dedicated to the memory of Teresa Pomodoro, the originator and soul of the idea of an open theatre, one that fosters the harmonious merger of different artistic disciplines, placing its ethical, cathartic and mimetic role at the centre of artistic expression. Teatro Nudo is, as endorsed by No’hma’s founder, a theatre able to identify with values, exploring mankind and modern society; in its essential nature, it intends to give the theatre back its very own experiential value, promoting growth and development and an openness with the public, regardless of age, class, gender or geographical belonging.

These ideals are reflected in the International Prize, which aims to fulfil the theatre’s ambition, by extending through the world’s theatrical scene, of going beyond geographical borders, giving a voice to those issues which are normally excluded from any stage, allowing for consideration on exclusion, urban decline, suburban life and diversity.
By adopting Teresa Pomodoro’s model of the Metateatro, the Prize communicates with the realities of everyday life, breaking down prejudices and cultural barriers.
The creation of the Prize is one of the numerous eclectic activities the theatre has been carrying out since its foundation and has now become the heart of the theatre itself. The International Prize, under the direction and guidance of Livia Pomodoro, has allowed Spazio Teatro No’hma to become the center of a wide-ranging cultural exchange network, giving its stage over to well-established, as well as emerging theatre companies, often allowing the latter to use the Prize as a springboard for their own cultural activities. Performances are available via live streaming, forging the opportunity to reach international audiences: in this way, NO’HMA endorses the theatre of the future and launches a world without barriers, where culture is expressed, showcasing its best connective value, as a tool of education for diversity and tolerance in these modern times of division and difficulties.