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Mostra di Claudia Losi – Being There – Oltre il giardino

Esposizione personale dell’artista Claudia Losi presso il Bet Hansen di Gerusalemme, curata da Leonardo Regano.

With her project “Being There – Oltre il giardino”* Claudia Losi continues her personal reflection on the complex bond connecting the human being and the land; on how the human imagination is deeply rooted in the relationship with the space it inhabits and the language with which it communicates.
“Being There_Oltre il giardino” symbolically began in February 2021 from NTU-Center for Contemporary Art in Singapore, a moment chosen as a return to the period the artist spent in the Asian country. Losi set up a comparison starting from the idea of a natural place, which becomes the main theme of specific calls and workshops, meetings and exhibitions, supported by the various partner organizations.

This line of research completes a project launched in 2006 with a collective journey to St Kilda, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The artist works on the ambiguity of the idea of landscape, the meaning attributed, today and in different places, to the word “natural” and on the perception of the environment around us, on the blurred boundary between natural and man-made realities. Losi suggests a discussion on these issues, linking very different realities such as Singapore, a city-island near the Equator, devoted to an idea of the future which sees the relationship with the natural environment as central and controversial; Italy, her homeland, with its strong, layered landscape tradition and complex anthropic dynamics. And finally Israel, chosen as a land in which the idea of natural place and territory takes on particular socio-political and philosophical features. Countries in which the relationship between what is “natural”, anthropic, literary, political feeds macro narratives of inexhaustible complexity.

*Being There is a film by Hal Ashby (1979). In the Italian version the title was Oltre il giardino

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  • Organizzato da: Beit Hansen